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Jun. 17th, 2008

Trust and Toilets

original link here Kallie Thomas

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May. 11th, 2008

Grimbold the Cat

A story by a man named James Dean. One of my favourites about a young girl and a cat.

original link here

Mar. 30th, 2008

Raping the New Cheerleader

Raping the New Cheerleader Part 3Collapse )

Raping the New Cheerleader Part 4Collapse )

Raping the New Cheerleader

Sorry I haven't been around for the longest ass time. A lot of things came up and life is still busy and unstable so I don't know if I'll updating too much. But I just found one of my absolute favourite stories, also by NiteWriter

Original Link Here

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(no subject)

Do you have an inclination for BDSM?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Experimental

(((Note: I haven't covered all aspects of BDSM in this quiz due to the length the quiz would have to be. It is sex-based because psychological profiles can be complicated and motivations for engaging in fetishes vary with couples and individuals. I have written this category as one of the alternatives because this quiz is to test inclination not a definite interest in BDSM.)))

Experimentation is a great place to be. Open-mindedness when it comes to sexuality can open doors and allow you to discover things that you didn't think you would find engaging. Having such a curious attitude can help you learn more about your own sexual nature as well as the nature of others.





Degradation Lover










Exhibitionist / Voyeur






Jun. 18th, 2007

(no subject)

Sometimes, there is no better compliment or ego booster than a real hottie telling you you're incredibly sexy ^^

I feel like I haven't updated much even though it was just a few days since a last post. Anyway, I'm going to make this journal exclusively friends only, just to be on the safe side, so I'll be going back to lock the few posts I do have public in the next day or so.

But if you add me, I'll be sure to add you back. Just let me know ^^

Is everyone who's reading the scripts enjoying them so far? Is the descriptions at the top sufficient enough? If so, I won't bother making a separate filter for that. I'll just friend everything.


Jun. 14th, 2007

Garbage Dump Virgin by NiteWriter

original link here at literotica

      This is one of my favourite stories. A girl, Grace, is taken by these garbage men and raped in a garbage dump. Actually NiteWriter's one of my favourite authors at literotica so definitely try and read some more

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Jun. 4th, 2007

(no subject)

weird! I don't know what happened, but I'm not complaining. I had almost given up on journals until I decided to check in (on some random feeling). Glad I did! :D

May. 26th, 2007

Roleplay Scripts

      I'm trying to decide whether I should post up some chat logs of rps, especially of ones I've done with one particular man. He has a wicked imagination and while a lot of what he incorporates into the rp isn't quite what I'm into, it works and I actually don't mind. I'm usually a go-with-what-he-wants sort of girl when it comes to rp so that might be the reason, too.

      We post quite long posts (and I'm extremely slow) but it's one of the best rps I've done in a long time. I used to roleplay online in a non-sexual context and I've missed it. Missed the detail. With a lot of sexual-rp I've found that it ran along the lines of:

guy: i stick my cock in you
girl: oh! oh! oh! you're filling me, i'm cumming!
guy: i'm cumming too! i fill your pussy with cum
the end
      But with this guy, it's long, detailed posts and it's so easy to get yourself lost in the play. I think that's why I don't mind as much as I do when someone just randomly comes up to me and straight off asks me whether i'm in to this or that and start off right away. I usually say no, but that's 'cause I'm not involved in the game already. With him, he tells me the story he wants (gives me a few choices to choose from), what kind of what situation he wants me in, and we just sort of set up the story before we jump in. Not only that, but we talk (well, he asks me a lot of questions) throughout the play, making sure I'm okay with this or that, telling me what he wants or doesn't want to see. And it's not overbearing at all. All this chat outside of rp, it really helps.

      I might make it friends only and filter it too, so people who don't want to see don't have to read. I'll put it all under a cut and write a description about it, with those codes and stuff so people can also skip the ones they don't like and read the ones they're into. I think they're all pretty extreme though and some of them have a fantasy, unreal, element to it though. I also have to ask him if that's alright with him but I'll post up one of my tamer posts here to give you a little sample of what it's like.

“Stop, Jason. This isn’t right. I’m your mother!” I say, desperately as you lick your lips. I try to pull away from you even more, my hands on your chest trying to push you away although that does little to even move you an inch. And as you lick your lips, imagining what you want to do to me, my eyes catch sight of your cock, growing aroused. I struggle against you even more, my book tossed aside, forgotten as I try to get out of your grasp. Too late, however, when you push me down on the bed, your huge form looming over me, pinning me down. I start to cry as I feel you pull my panties off effortlessly, though I try to keep my legs closed tight together, my wrists caught together in one of your hands. I scream out loudly as you pinch my nipple so hard, my body squirming and struggling anew against you . . . pulling at my wrists and twisting my body, trying anything to get away from you, to stop the pain.

      Anyway, that's one of the tamer posts and rps. We've only done 3 so far.

      Once I get his permission and if you guys want to read it (though I might just post it up anyway), I'll clean up the posts and add the brief introduction and such at the beginning and post. At the moment I have them on private status, and in raw format. I'll change the user names and remove the out of character comments between us when we're working through the play. I also have to warn you that these plays kind of just end abruptly. There's no firm ending 'cause sometimes it goes for hours, playing and with the time difference (I'm assuming) it's difficult to spend more than a few hours each time before one of us has to leave.

      These aren't stories. Just slices of someone's life, more like.


May. 21st, 2007

Rape Fantasy

      I always have this fantasy of being raped.

      I don't know if it's just something within me or if it started because I was molested and almost raped when I was younger but I love it when I have no control and the fantasy of being raped, and enjoying it, never fails to get me so worked up.

      It might be that it's my way of dealing with it, turning something unpleasant into something I want and would enjoy but, whatever it is, I love it. I love it when a man pushes me down on the floor or against the wall, holding my arms above my head so I can't do anything but squirm and struggle against his body as he pins me to the ground or the wall.

      I love it when he's rough with me.

      I love it when he forces his hand down my pants or up my skirt, forcing his fingers into me as his knees spread my legs wide for him. And my body's arched, struggling against his, in his grip. His hands so tight around my wrists that it starts to hurt. His growl right next to my ear, whispering what he's going to do to me, how he's going to take me, make me his. Whispering how it'll never end.

      And I can't resist.

      He's always older and bigger than me. In some way dwarfing me with his size, or his age, usually both. Sometimes I fantasize about men much older than me, father figures, grandfather figures even; teachers, professors, principals, strangers. Each and all of them using their size to hold me down, preventing me from escaping. My struggles against them useless as they slide their cock in me, some of them slow at first, and the others pounding into me mercilessly as soon as they enter me. And I'm crying, screaming, scratching and struggling against them as they pound their cocks into my pussy.

      Resisting, but enjoying it all the same.

      My body betraying me; my back arching as I push back against the wall or the floor, thrusting myself harder on his cock. I want all of him in me, filling me completely. And I love it when he knows I want his cock, pumping into me faster, harder. Taking me, using me. I love how he tries to hurt me with his cock, forcing every inch of him into me, stretching me. His hands on my wrists, gripping hard as he forces his tongue into my mouth. I love it when he pinches my nipples and then my clit, causing me to cum so hard on his cock that he knows I'm his.

      And when he cums in me, I love it. I want more.
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